The Depression Doctor
Your depression is not the same as
everybody else's

Dr Nick has created 10 Classes of depression each with a simple plan of action. This book answers questions such as:
1. Am I depressed?
2. What caused it?
3. Do I need medicines?
4. What is the best approach for my particular problem?
5. Am I a failure?
6. What are all those strange psychological processes anyway?
7. Do I need to change my diet?
8. What simple things can I do to become and stay happy?
9. Do I suffer from the mountain mule, the jukebox, the prince and the pauper or the stuck trapeze form of depression (amongst others)?

Fill in the questionnaire and see what class or classes of depression you many have.


“Using Dr Nick’s techniques, I went from deep despair and capitulation to learning to say no to others, recovered my smile, self belief, lost over 70 pounds of fat and got promoted. Wow

Jill Arthur (Patient)


“ A brilliant and revolutionary approach to classifying and treating depression, This book is essential reading for doctors and patients alike, with its simple yet effective concepts having the potential to bring happiness and fulfillment to innumerable people worldwide.

Dr Mark Patterson MBBS MA MSc MRCGP

Some things to think about

1. Let's say you are exactly where you should be at this time.
2. This may be the perfect time to learn more about yourself.
3. You may wish then to change a few things and this may make a big difference.
4. If you are depressed then remember you also need to see your doctor.
5. I believe in some ways we are all 'depressed' and certainly a huge number of us suffer from what doctors call clinical depression -

The Depression Doctor

This book has helped people go from hopeless to happiness. What is happiness anyway? Who said we can't have episodes of loneliness, sadness, complete abject misery and failure, episodes of being lost or believing we have made huge mistakes? Welcome to the human race and now let's do something about it. Did you know a by product of working on yourself and improving your mood has resulted in:

Weight loss

Good sleeping patterns

Mental clarity

Better relationships

Promotion at work